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2011 Engineering Lecture Series: Flying Smart with Autonomous Vehicles
Kane Hall 130, UW Seattle

Mehran MesbahiAwed by the precision flying of the Blue Angels pilots? Imagine autonomous drones performing complex group maneuvers with no human intervention, or satellites orbiting together around the sun, jointly searching for exoplanets.

Professor Mehran Mesbahi offers insights from engineering and biology to reveal how networked "smart" vehicles will take on challenging aerospace missions.

THE 2011 ENGINEERING LECTURE SERIES takes flight to explore the innovations transforming the aerospace industry. Cleaner and green airplanes and ground operations will decrease environmental impact and boost efficiency and sustainability for commercial aviation and the military. On the horizon, autonomous networked vehicles with astonishing capabilities will accomplish missions too dangerous, difficult, or distant for humans. Hear the inside story on the re-engineering of aerospace.

Cost: FREE

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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