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Get a Grip: Cell Biomechanics in Cardiovascular Health
Kane Hall 120, UW Seattle campus

THE 2014 ENGINEERING LECTURE SERIES, Engineering the Heart: From Cell Therapy to Computer Technology, explores how engineers are improving our cardiac medical care and extending our lives. From growing heart cells that beat to improving blood coagulation to wirelessly powering pacemakers, the merging of engineering and medicine leads to extraordinary innovations. 

Join us for an expert look at the treatments of the not-so-distant future from the engineers and doctors advancing health care technology.

Nate Sniadecki
Nathan White

Get a Grip: Cell Biomechanics in Cardiovascular Health

Our cardiovascular system depends on active cells that stretch, contract and twitch to keep our bodies healthy. These cells create blood clots when we have an injury to prevent blood loss and help pump blood through our bodies during exercise. By studying the biomechanics of these cells, mechanical engineers and physicians at the UW are finding lifesaving solutions that improve blood clotting to help us heal from traumatic injuries. Come hear how their work is changing medicine at a cellular level.

Nate Sniadecki is an associate professor of mechanical bioengineering. Nathan White is an adjunct assistant professor of bioengineering.

Visit UWalum.com/engineering to learn more about this fascinating and important lecture series.

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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