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Cutting the Cord: Wireless Power for Implantable Devices
Kane Hall 120, UW Seattle campus




Joshua Smith

THE 2014 ENGINEERING LECTURE SERIES, Engineering the Heart: From Cell Therapy to Computer Technology, explores how engineers are improving our cardiac medical care and extending our lives. From growing heart cells that beat to improving blood coagulation to wirelessly powering pacemakers, the merging of engineering and medicine leads to extraordinary innovations. 

Join us for an expert look at the treatments of the not-so-distant future from the engineers and doctors advancing health care technology.

Cutting the Cord: Wireless Power for Implantable Devices

You or someone you know may rely on a cardiac pacemaker, heart pump or other implantable device. Powering these common medical devices is challenging. Existing approaches include batteries that must be surgically replaced every few years and cables extending out of the body, which can attract infection. It is becoming increasingly feasible to use wireless signals from a source placed in clothing or furniture—and perhaps even from cellular and television signal towers—to power implanted devices. Learn about emerging wireless technologies that may impact the quality of life for many individuals

Joshua Smith is an associate professor of computer science & engineering and electrical engineering. 

Visit UWalum.com/engineering to learn more about this fascinating and important lecture series.

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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