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Health Promotion Research Center  October 2014

Special Interest Projects Funded at $6.45 Million

HPRC received funding in October from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for six one- to five-year projects that support health promotion in a variety of areas.

Brain tree graphicThe funded projects include:

Healthy Brain Initiative Research Network (HBIN) Coordinating Center

HPRC will provide leadership and coordination for a new network of national and regional partners addressing the growing public health challenge of cognitive impairment. The network aims to advance a research agenda for brain health and will work in partnership with the CDC Healthy Aging Program to connect research with practice and foster healthy aging.

Cancer Prevention & Control Research Center (CPCRN)
Member Center

The Alliance for Reducing Cancer, Northwest (ARC NW), a CPCRN member center, will continue its productive partnerships with organizations that contribute to public health infrastructure. It will remain focused on reducing disparities in cancer screening among low income, uninsured, and limited English-proficient populations.

Workplace Health Research Network (WHRN) Member Center

The WHRN collaborating center at HPRC brings together employers, insurers, public health organizations, and experienced researchers to enhance workplace participation in health promotion.

Managing Epilepsy Well (MEW) Member Center

As a participant in the MEW Network, HPRC will conduct research aimed at improving and increasing epilepsy self-management programs, tailored to the needs of community-dwelling adults and US veterans.

Evaluating Cost Information about Alzheimer’s Disease
and Dementia

This project will improve understanding of the economic costs associated with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and develop strategies for states to estimate the costs of caring for patientsallowing for better allocation of resources by health professionals.

Progestins and HIV Risk

Research colleagues in the UW Department of Global Health will examine the potential effect of progestin-based contraception on HIV-1 transmission and disease through a series of innovative clinical and biologic studies.

See a complete list of current HPRC projects here.


Spotlight on Marlana Kohn

Marlana Kohn grew up in southern California with parents who modeled a “lifestyle ethic” by working in teaching and hospital administration. We talked with Marlana about her path to the public health research field, and what she is discovering in her work these days.

What led you to public health?

In 1998, I came to the UW as an honors undergrad. I was interested in policy, and began in the international studies program. I ended up as an economics major, studying labor and gender economics. I planned on being a management consultant, or going to law school after I got my BAand started interviewing with firms even before I graduated—then 9/11 happened, and everything came to a halt, everything changed. I felt lost. Then, I found out I had received a Bonderman fellowship, offering selected scholars the chance to travel, to go out and live somewhere else in the world. I decided to spend mine walking the Camino de Santiago, by myself, from France to Spain. It took 70 days—and it changed my life. More >>

Selected Publications

Jacobs JA, Duggan K, Erwin P, Smith C, Borawski E, Compton J, D'Ambrosio L, Frank SH, Frazier-Kouassi S, Hannon PA, Leeman J, Mainor A, Brownson RC. Capacity Building for Evidence-Based Decision Making in Local Health Departments: Scaling Up an Effective Training Approach. Implementation Science. 2014 Sep 24;9(1):124 Read the abstract >>

Fernandez ME, Melvin CL, Leeman J, Ribisi KM, Allen JD, Kegler MC, Bastani R, Ory MG, Risendal BC, Hannon PA, Kreuter MW, Hebert JR. The Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network: An Interactive Systems Approach to Advancing Cancer Control Implementation Research and Practice. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. 2014 Aug 25. Read the abstract >>

Maxwell AE, Hannon PA, Escoffery C, Vu T, Kohn M, Vernon S, DeGroff A. Promotion and Provision of Colorectal Cancer Screening: A Comparison of Colorectal Cancer Control Program Grantees and Nongrantees, 2011–2012. Preventing Chronic Disease. 2014;11:E170. Read the abstract >>

Rosenberg DE, Grothaus L, Arterburn D. Characteristics of Older Adult Physical Activity Program Users. American Journal of Managed Care. 2014;20(7):e245-9. Read the abstract >>

Ory MG, Altpeter M, Belza B, Helduser J, Zhang C, Smith ML. Perceptions About Community Applications of RE-AIM in the Promotion of Evidence-Based Programs for Older Adults. Evaluation & the Health Professions. 2014 Jul 11. Read the abstract >>

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Save the Dates

The next Community Advisory Board meeting will be on Friday, Oct. 31, 2014 at the Tukwila Community Center, 8:45 am to noon.
Directions >>

Seminar: PEARLS Research and Dissemination Update

Date: Thursday, Nov. 13
10:00 am to 10:50 am 


Presenter: Lesley Steinman, HPRC Research Scientist

Visit our website for notices of other upcoming seminars.

Welcome New Students

Anna Dronen and Oe Jin Shin join HPRC for their Advanced Standing practicum as part of the MSW program at the UW School of Social Work.

Sarah Fishleder, a Health Services PhD student, will work on our new core research project.

Another Health Services PhD student, Chelle Wheat, will be working on HPRC's DOH projects.

Welcome New CAB Members

Cara Lauer, Director of Wellness & Evidence-Based Programming for Senior Services

Bob Le Roy, Executive Director, Alzheimer's Association Western and Central Washington Chapter

Farewell and
Thank You

Lina Walkinshaw graduated with her MPH in June and has accepted a full time position at data2insight.

Tori Bradford is continuing on with her second MPH year.

Shobhit Maruti has returned to his medical residency in Calgary.


Susan Snyder

We bid a fond farewell to Susan Snyder, CAB member and stellar advocate of health promotion. Susan's 17 years of leadership with the EnhanceFitness program greatly benefited HPRC and our community. We wish her well in her new role as Executive Director of the Evidence-Based Leadership Council.






Health Promotion Research Center is a research center at the University of Washington School of Public Health funded by the Prevention Research Centers Program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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