future of ice thank you

Dear friends,

Thank you for taking part in our Future of Ice speaker series. Our speakers—James Balog, Tony Penikett, Jody Deming, Paul Nicklen, Dee Boersma and Sheila Watt-Cloutier—took us on a remarkable journey by sharing their experiences and expertise in the Arctic and Antarctic. I hope you found their presentations enlightening, informative and entertaining.

We presented these lectures as part of our new Future of Ice Initiative—a commitment from units across the University of Washington to leverage our existing leadership in polar regions by investing in scholarship, education and outreach efforts. The Future of Ice is not only about what is happening to the physical environment at high latitudes: melting sea ice and glaciers and some of the most rapidly increasing temperatures on Earth. It is also about the unique biology of the polar environments, the economic and social structures that depend on them and the people that live in the Arctic.

On behalf of all of our partners—including The Graduate School, University of Washington Alumni Association, the College of Arts and Sciences and many others—thank you again for joining us for this speaker series.


Lisa Graumlich
Dean, College of the Environment
Prentice and Bloedel Professor
University of Washington

P.S. You can stay connected to what’s happening in polar research at the College of the Environment and across UW on our Future of Ice website.