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HSD Changes are Here!

HSD has begun the process of implementing new and updated policies, procedures, and forms. Many are planned improvements that are near completion.  

This end-of-the-month newsletter is our single most important way to communicate changes. We work hard to make it short, useful, and readable.  We post it on our home page http://www.washington.edu/research/hsd/ (announcements tab at the bottom), or you can subscribe directly by sending an email to hsdinfo@uw.edu.



HSD Office Closed for Training

The HSD office will be closed so that HSD staff may attend an all-day training session on June 17, 2013. The reception desk will still be open, and can accept submissions for HSD and the IRBs, but nothing will be processed on that day. If you are aware of any impending deadlines, please take our office closure into account, and plan ahead.



New Set of Questions on Main Application Form

The Human Subjects Review Application (UW 13-11) has a new set of questions that will aid in faster and improved assignment to the appropriate IRB committee.

The questions ask you to select methods, any special populations, and what type of risk you believe your research involves. The questions are simple and easy selection boxes that should take very little time to answer and will save time once your application reaches the HSD office.



New Response Cover Sheet

HSD wants your responses to quickly get to the right IRB or HSD staff! We are consolidating our Deferral and Screening Response cover sheets into a single Cover Sheet.

This new Cover Sheet can be used for all responses (except Conditional Approval Responses) to the IRB or HSD, including: deferral response, pre-review screening response, and responses providing requested materials such as a grant application, a Confidentiality Agreement, or a consent form. (Conditional Approval responses still have their own form.)

Please begin using this cover sheet as soon as possible. As of September 30, 2013, we will no longer accept responses or other requested materials without this cover sheet.



Revised Form Section for Lead Researcher and Contact Information

This section is one of the first sections you see on almost every IRB form. Each form has had its own idiosyncratic version of this section. With the creation and revision of forms, HSD has standardized the information requested in this section. We now call out the need for a physical mailing address that is the best place to send paper correspondence.



Revised "Report Problems" Web Page

We have revised the webpage that describes what types of problems must be reported to the IRB and (just as important) which problems do not need to be reported. The content has been revised and re-organized to improve clarity and to provide specific additional information about certain types of problems.

Please see the updated page here: http://www.washington.edu/research/hsd/topics/Report+Problems+%28Compliance%29.



New and Revised Documents

We generally release and post all new and revised documents on the last Friday of every month. We use this newsletter to alert you to those new documents. We welcome feedback and suggestions. (hsdforms@uw.edu)


Topic Routing

REVISED: Human Subjects Review Application: UW 13-11
NEW: FORM HSD Response Cover Sheet
REMOVED: Deferral Response Cover Sheet, Screening Response Cover Sheet

Description Added new routing questions to the main application, combined two cover sheets into one; making it multi-purpose.
Expected impact Medium
Related changes None
Link for more information See the articles in this eNews and the forms themselves, linked above.
Implementation date

May 31, 2013


Topic Contact Information
Document(s) REVISED: All forms with contact information
Description Added explicit instructions and/or form fields for designating an appropriate address for mailing paper-based communications.
Expected impact Medium
Related changes None
Link for more information See the eNews article above.
Implementation date

May 31, 2013


Topic Manuscripts vs. Published Papers
Document(s) REVISED: Status Report - Renewal or Closeout - Form
Description In the attachments list, changed "manuscripts" to "published papers" to help clarify the documents the IRB needs to see at the time of continuing review.
Expected impact Medium
Related changes None
Link for more information http://www.washington.edu/research/hsd/docs/342
Implementation date

May 31, 2013


light bulbQuick Tips from HSD

Quick Tips is taking a break this month to help with all the upcoming HSD improvements. We'll be back in June!



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May 31, 2013


Changes are Here!

HSD Office Closed for Training

New Set of Questions

New Response Cover Sheet

Problem Report Web Page

New and Revised Documents

Quick Tips from HSD


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