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    Why Marketing Still Matters in an Economic Downturn

    I want to share something President Emmert wrote recently in a message to business leaders: “In times like these, it can be tempting to lower our heads and fixate on just getting through the current budget crisis. But that’s not how you build a great university… Instead of focusing on the next two years, I want the University to plan for the next two decades.”

    I hope each of you will take that statement to heart because, as marketing and communications professionals, we play a crucial role -- by keeping the value and impact of our University at the forefront of people’s minds. In the face of budget cuts, it is more important than ever to be as creative and innovative in how we deliver those important messages. Here are some suggestions for how to do that:

    We at UW Marketing remain committed to helping you be successful by providing tools, templates, training and expertise. If we work together and think creatively, we will still successfully get our important messages out. Thank you for all the great work you do.


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    Tricia Thompson
    Associate Vice President, UW Marketing

    P.S. Check out these timely articles about marketing during tough economic times: Harvard Business Online, AdWeek, BNET, and Focus Marketing Intelligence.

    Best Practices

    Featured Unit: College of Education

    Old College of Education business card
    New College of Education business card
    The University introduced the Reputation Building Initiative (RBI) shortly after the College of Education began its own, entirely different rebranding effort. Instead of continuing down a separate path from the University, Asst. Dean for Development Margaret Ann Bollmeier and her team worked with UW Marketing to figure out how to begin incorporating “the power of the purple.”

    “When the RBI came into play, our faculty, staff and student leaders were already tuned in,” says Bollmeier. “We were able to make minor modifications to our Web site and existing materials -- color palette, logo treatment, etc. As a result, the changes were not viewed as a huge overhaul, but an extension of our great work.” Before and after examples of their business card design (above) show how a little change goes a long way.

    Bollmeier and her team suggest these tips to units for incorporating the UW’s graphic identity standards:

    • As an interim step, add block W stickers to existing publications and mailings.
    • Provide an orientation for support staff and student leaders to acquaint them with graphics and messaging guidelines and resources.
    • Work with UW Marketing to determine how RBI tools can help your unit achieve its goals.
    • Present RBI efforts as an opportunity for your unit and the University to work together to strengthen the brand.

    To find out more about this rebranding effort, contact the College of Education’s Communications and Marketing Manager, Mairead Reinhard, at or x31035.

    Question of the Month

    Q: There are so many different social networking opportunities these days: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. How do we decide which ones are right for our unit?

    Facebook logo
    Twitter logo
    LinkedIn logo
    A: Social networking sites aren’t just for kids and tech savvy people anymore. The marketing potential of these sites is simply too powerful and ascendant to ignore, especially in times of tight budgets. So, don’t let the array of choices or the unfamiliar territory intimidate you. With careful planning and a little homework, you can wade confidently into these waters. Follow these steps to get started:

    Step 1: Reassess your current marketing goals and objectives to determine which areas need bolstering. Are you using tactics that no longer work? Are your audiences difficult to reach?

    Step 2: Become more familiar with the various social networking options, how they work and, who’s using them. What’s the best way to do this? Start using them yourself! This presentation provides an overview of some networks commonly used by UW marketers.

    Step 3: Stay up to speed on the ever-changing social networking landscape by visiting UW Marketing’s social networking best practices blog.

    Step 4: Join the UW’s E-marketing Working Group to learn from colleagues who are already using social networking. Contact Elise Daniel at or x68923.

    Got a question for next month? Send it to

    Featured Toolkits and Templates

    E-mail Signature

    An e-mail signature is a powerful, low-cost marketing tool that is easy to set up, once you know how to do it. Plus, if set up properly, an e-mail signature can serve as a consistent and attractive way to promote the new UW brand identity. Here are the steps for setting up a UW-branded e-mail signature:

    For PC users on Outlook 2007:

    1. Open the Tools menu and click Options.
    2. Click the Mail Format tab
    3. Click Signatures and then click Create New.
    4. Give a name to your signature.
    5. Copy the signature template below and paste it into the signature field.
    6. Customize name, address, phone number, fax number, etc., as determined by your unit.
    7. Click OK.

    For Mac users on Entourage 2008:

    1. Open the Tools menu.
    2. Click Signatures and then click New.
    3. Give a title to your signature.
    4. Copy the signature template below and paste it into the signature field.
    5. Customize name, address, phone number, fax number, etc., as determined by your unit.
    6. Click OK.

    Sample Signature Template:

    Your Name using a generic 10-point san serif font
    Your Title using a generic 10-point san serif font

    [Note: Use a 9-point san serif font in gray to create the address block below]
    Your Unit Name Here
    Mail: Your Mailing Address Here, Your City Here, Your State Abbreviation, Your Zip Code
    Street: Your Street Address Here | mobile: | fax:
    Your e-mail address here | Your Web site address here
    University of Washington logo

    If you have questions about setting up an e-mail signature template for your unit, contact Alanya Cannon at x65535 or

    March 2009

    Table of Contents

    Pride Points
    • The UW’s performing arts venues and museums are home to more than 280 performances, 60 exhibits and 100 public programs annually.
    • The University confers more than 12,000 bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate and professional degrees annually.
    Did You Know?
    • A new blog from UW’s Federal Relations team provides regular updates from Washington, D.C., legislative activity related to higher education as well as progress reports on the 2010 UW Federal Agenda.
    • The UW Graduate School is the first organization to be a “columnist” for the Web site Inside Higher Ed, which is helping the UW nationally for our of signature strengths: mentoring.
    Events to Promote
    For a full list of upcoming events, visit the UWAA events page.

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