Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that Undergraduate Academic Affairs is now accepting proposals from faculty wishing to offer a course in the 2014-15 UW Collegium Seminar program. The UW Collegium Seminar program on the Seattle campus brings freshmen into the intellectual world of the university early in their academic careers by connecting them to our best scholars and instructors in small classes designed to foster discussion, inspire curiosity, and support intellectual risk-taking and discovery. We encourage faculty from all disciplines to participate and welcome proposals that focus on faculty research or offer topics not typically available to freshmen students. To propose a UW Collegium Seminar for the autumn, winter, or spring quarters of 2014-15, please fill out this online application. Proposals are due December 18.


UW Collegium Seminars:

The UW Collegium Seminars program began in 2012 and will expand next year to offer upwards of 100 seminars serving as many as 2,000 students. UW Collegium Seminars are one credit and graded credit/no credit to encourage students to explore new and unfamiliar topics. Collegium Seminars are small (20 students or fewer) to promote a sense of collaboration built around shared interests and ideas. For students, the Collegium Seminars provide a formative collegial environment where they learn “shoulder-to-shoulder” with our best faculty instructors. For faculty, the Collegium Seminars are a unique opportunity to inspire the UW’s newest undergraduate students, teach on topics free from normal constraints, and join a dedicated and highly skilled community of faculty instructors from across the campus. Individuals may offer a seminar up to three times a year and will receive $1,000 for each seminar they teach.


Proposal Process:

All members of the faculty are eligible to propose a UW Collegium Seminar. Prior experience teaching freshmen or leading seminars is not required, but evidence of successful teaching must be available to the selection committee. Proposals, due December 18, will be reviewed by a faculty selection committee and results will be communicated by mid-January 2014.


For More Information:

To see examples of past UW Collegium Seminars, course descriptions, and sample syllabi, please visit the Collegium website.

If you are interested in teaching a UW Collegium Seminar but have questions or would like to discuss your ideas before submitting a proposal, please do not hesitate to contact my colleagues. They can be reached at

I believe that the UW Collegium Seminar program offers an excellent way for undergraduates to begin their careers at the University of Washington. I hope you will join me next year in this wonderful program, and I look forward to what I know will be an extraordinary group of courses and colleagues.


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Ed Taylor
Vice Provost and Dean
Undergraduate Academic Affairs


"My Freshman Collegium Seminar is among the high points of my quarter! I've got a really good group genuinely engaged by the material and the discussions. I'm just loving the experience." 

— Joseph Janes, Associate Professor and Chair, MLIS Program