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The HPRC Link Newsletter
Newsletter of the UW Health Promotion Research Center  January 2014


What's new?

  • HPRC created a national resource guide for mall-walking programs, which has received some local media coverage in UW Today and the UW student newspaper, the Daily.
  • HPRC is conducting its largest free workplace wellness program to date and would like your feedback on how to reach interested employers. We are striving to engage 75 small worksites with 20200 employees in King County, Washington. Contact HPRC research coordinator Amanda Parrish with your ideas or to see if your organization qualifies. Visit the project website to learn more.

Just Released! National Wayfinding Resource: Pathways to Better Community Wayfinding

Crosswalk signHave you ever…missed a turn because of a confusing road sign? Stopped to ask for directions multiple times? Been unable to place your location on a bus stop map?

Wayfinding is the process one uses to navigate from place to place. We all rely on cues and information within our environments—such as signs, lighting, and landmarks—to help us find our way. Whether traveling on foot, by car, public transportation, or bicycle, past research has shown that ease or difficulty of wayfinding within a community can have impacts on an individual’s quality of life. It might also relate to a community’s accessibility, livability and economic vitality. Good wayfinding design can promote vital, safe communities for persons of all ages and abilities.

Pathways to Better Community Wayfinding, a new publication co-developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Healthy Aging Research Network (HAN) and other national partner organizations, aims to provide guidance to planners, policy-makers, researchers and citizens for identifying and improving elements of wayfinding infrastructure and design within their communities.


Spotlight on Linna Dossett

Linna Dossett“I love vision and potential and prefer to always look forward,” says Linna Dossett, who serves on HPRC’s Community Advisory Board (CAB). She currently assists with the development of collaborative research and implementation of HPRC’s Enhance®Fitness program across various branches of the YMCA of Greater Seattle.


Selected Publications

Hannon PA, Maxwell AE, Escoffery C, Vu T, Kohn M, Leeman J, Carvalho ML, Pfeiffer DJ, Dwyer A, Fernandez ME, Vernon SW, Liang L, Degroff A. Colorectal cancer control program grantees' use of evidence-based interventions. American journal of preventive medicine. 2013 Nov;45(5):644-8.

Steinman L, Hammerback K, Snowden M. It could be a pearl to you: exploring recruitment and retention of the Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives (PEARLS) with hard-to-reach populations. The Gerontologist. 2013 November 22, 2013.

Ivey SL, Laditka SB, Price AE, Tseng W, Beard RL, Liu R, Fetterman D, Wu B, Logsdon RG. Experiences and concerns of family caregivers providing support to people with dementia: A cross-cultural perspective. Dementia. November 2013; vol. 12, 6: pp. 806-820., (e-published on July 11, 2012)

Save the Date

The next Community Advisory Board meeting will be on Friday, January 31, 2014 at the Tukwila Community Center, 8:45 to noon. Directions.



Diana Vinh is completing her MPH practicum with HPRC this winter and spring. Diana is a first year student in the UW Community-Oriented Public Health Practice Program. She will work with Peggy Hannon on evaluating Washington Department of Health's Community Transformation Grant project.



Sheryl Schwartz, MPA, who worked at HPRC for 15 years and served as Deputy Director since 2007, has left to begin a new position as the Assistant Director of Campus Health Services at UW’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety.


Health Promotion Research Center is a research center at the University of Washington School of Public Health funded by the Prevention Research Centers Program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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