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Helping UW Students Prepare for Life after Graduation: It Takes All of Us

Amid the national debate on the value of a college education, we’re focusing on ways to improve the Husky Experience. How can we help our students prepare to succeed after graduation, in careers and in life?
Read the first in a provost report series around these issues, "Helping UW Students Prepare for Life after Graduation: It Takes All of Us."

An education is a major…and more
For UW graduates to be ready for a complex, demanding world, UW students need intellectually challenging majors, and they need broad skills to translate that knowledge into the workplace.

It takes a whole campus to support student success
Ongoing conversations across all three campuses show a growing consensus on the importance of integrating curricular and co-curricular learning so students graduate with a major…and more. This will help students build the intellectual and collaborative skills that enable personal success and civic engagement.

We’re well underway
Many groups and individuals across the three campuses already excel at practices that meet these goals; this report shares some of their stories.

There’s more to be done
Helping our students prepare for the world—and prepare to change the world—is our shared work.  As a public university, indeed, it is our responsibility.

Join the conversation
The report includes upcoming opportunities to provide input, learn more, and access resources.

Read the report.
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Alum shares how skills learned in the liberal arts can translate to business. Alum focus group Nov. 2013CIn a Russian History course I read 10 books from 10 different authors about the same subject matter...and they were completely different. What I learned was if I could find 10 completely different perspectives on a single period of history, maybe I ought to refresh my own perspective. Maybe I ought to ask somebody else their perspective and hit the same content from a different angle,” said Dan Hue-Weller, pictured at right, above (History, Economics ’02; M.B.A., J.D. ’08), president of Orca Bay Capital, a private investment company in Seattle. "I thought that was immensely helpful in learning how to think.”

This report is part of a series about transformative trends and issues in higher education. These reports aim to broaden the conversation and engage the wider UW community in the discussion. We welcome you to read this report and join the conversation by emailing us your comments and suggestions at edtrends@uw.edu. Many thanks to those of you who shared your ideas in response to previous reports in the series.