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Dear Colleague,

It is an incredibly busy summer for all of us at UW Marketing, as I’m sure it is for all of you. I am thrilled to now unveil a suite of tools and templates to hopefully help make your job a little easier as you reshape your communications to celebrate the University of Washington -- and the Pacific Northwest-- in the compelling and consistent new way we've developed together!

Though we'll be doing that in various ways -- from the images we use to the stories we tell -- ultimately people will come away with the same impression: Extraordinary things happen here in Washington. Things that change the way the world thinks, works and lives. It's a notion we call the Washington Way.

The Washington Way is progressive, open-minded, tolerant, creative, and inspired by achievement as well as tradition. Also, the Washington Way is more than the UW’s way. It also refers to the shared values and collective mindset of our entire region.

It also is the anchoring idea for a series of taglines being developed for the University. The first of these is "Discover what’s next. It’s the Washington Way." Soon, you'll begin seeing this tagline on our Web sites, e-newsletters, brochures -- anything that's meant to influence perceptions of the UW. If you'd like to include this tagline in your work, please go right ahead!

While "Discover what’s next. It’s the Washington Way." is the primary tagline for the University, we also provide a menu of approved tagline combinations -- or alternate words and phrases to accompany “It’s the Washington Way.” Meanwhile, if you have tagline questions, please contact Cheryl Nations at or x17041.

I truly appreciate the hard work and invaluable input you've contributed to get us to this point. Now that the time has finally come to start putting all of our plans into motion, I'm excited to see how your work will inspire a lot more people around the world to fully appreciate what a great university this is.


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Tricia Thompson
Associate Vice President, UW Marketing

Example of patch and band design elements
The patch and band form the backbone of the UW's visual identity.

After more than two years of hard work with marketing and communications professionals across our three campuses, we have achieved a powerful and authentic way to represent the University of Washington. Evidence of that work is already visible. Most of the UW's school and college Web sites currently feature aspects of our new brand. Other evidence is just starting to take shape, such as these sample designs from:

Now Available! Unit Toolkits and Guidelines

Screen shot of photo database on FlickrBrand Guidelines
The new University Brand Guidelines provide a more robust explanation of the UW brand along with tools that will help incorporate its elements into your communication projects. These tools address how to ensure a consistent look and feel and underscore the importance of a consistent tone, voice and manner for particular audiences throughout all UW communications.

This suite of tools provides additional ways to help update your unit’s communications:

Coming Soon!

More resources and materials are on the way in the months to come, including:

  • University fact sheets
  • A do-it-yourself fact sheet template
  • Updated UW Web templates with “plug & play” headers, footers and other features
  • Updated e-newsletter templates
  • A menu of alternate "It's the Washington Way." tagline options
  • Viewbooks

You will find them on the UW Marketing toolkit page.

Talk to Us!

We want to make sure the tools and guidelines we're providing are clear and helpful to you. So, if you have specific questions or suggestions for additions to the tools guidelines, please let us know at