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Dear Colleague,

Photo of a UW street bannerDuring the past two months, we've seen a great deal of progress all around the University toward achieving our shared goal of celebrating the UW -- and the Pacific Northwest -- in a compelling and consistent way. Here are a few examples:

I'm sure there are all kinds of other terrific examples out there that you're working on. We'd love to hear about them, so let us know at Keep up the great work, and remember, we've got plenty of tools and templates to help make your job a little easier.


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Tricia Thompson
Associate Vice President, UW Marketing

2009 Public Opinion Research Results

Photo of text-messagingConducted in June 2009, the UW's second annual public opinion research project included focus groups with UW alumni as well as phone surveys with randomly selected Washington state residents.

Here are a few of the favorable findings:

  • 87% of respondents think the UW has a positive impact on the state.
  • 79% say the UW is vital to the state's economy.
  • 77% have a favorable image of the University.

Here are indications that some of our messages aren't getting through:

  • 37% don't know and 12% don't agree that the UW educates qualified students regardless of economic background.
  • Only 4% agree that UW should be the state's highest funding priority, ranking behind K-12 education (40%), basic health (20%), and public safety, community colleges, and social services (8% each).
  • 34% don't know if UW research helps the undergraduate experience.

Here are some steps we're taking based on what we learned:

  • Increase marketing of the Husky Promise to make clear that the UW is open to qualified students from all economic backgrounds.
  • Continue to highlight medical research but also portray non-medical research in a more highly visible and relatable way.
  • Demonstrate how research adds value to the undergraduate experience.

You can access the data from both 2008 and 2009 on the UW Marketing Web site. Questions? Contact Dawn Weyant at

Best Practices

Featured Unit: UW Medicine

Image of UW Medicine postcardDriven by tight budgets and the desire to reinforce UW Medicine as a trusted healthcare system located close to home, Harborview Medical Center, UW Medical Center and its clinics embarked on a coordinated, targeted advertising campaign: Treat You Well. The campaign may have been key to a 32% increase in Seattle residents viewing our medical school as a major strength of the UW (according to our second-annual public opinion survey; see page 12 of this presentation).

"Never before had our creative been as consistent as it was during this campaign," said Gretchen Bakamis, UW Medicine director of marketing. "These recent results from the UW’s public opinion research hint to the fact that we may have started to break through to audiences about what UW Medicine delivers to the public."

Bakamis worked with each of UW Medicine's health system partners to ensure that the campaign tactics were flexible enough to meet their individual needs. As a result:

  • Neighborhood clinics focused on Web and direct mail.
  • UWMC did cable TV placements, ads on public transit and direct mail.
  • Harborview used direct mail, commercial TV advertising and community arts publications.
  • UW Medicine also used some non-traditional tactics, such as handing out flyers at Husky football games.

All the pieces included a link to a Treat You Well Web page that encouraged deeper engagement with UW Medicine.

To learn more about this campaign, contact Gretchen Bakamis at or x33992.

Now Available

m.UW Is Here!
Image of m.UW on an iPhoneThe UW’s new mobile phone application, called m.UW, provides quick and easy access to the campus directory, campus maps, events calendars, computer wallpaper, sports updates and more. It's available for download from iPhone App Store. Though m.UW was initially developed for the iPhone, it will eventually be available to download on other types of mobile devices. If you don't have an iPhone, you can still preview the features on our mobile-optimized Web page.

The Washington Way Tagline System
The UW's new Tagline System, The Washington Way, is a distinctive way to describe the culture of our region and the values we share. It is intended for use in marketing and communications pieces like Web pages, publication covers and advertisements. Guidelines (PDF) for how to use it are posted on the UW Marketing Web site.

This flexible system consists of two phrases linked together (e.g. “Discover what’s next. It’s the Washington Way”). A university as broad and diverse as ours understandably calls for more than just one tagline combination. That's why the UW's Tagline System includes a menu of options (PDF). If you don't find an option on this menu that fits the needs of your project or unit, you can request a new tagline combination for approval. For details on the submission process, read the Tagline System guidelines (PDF).

Questions? Contact Cheryl Nations at or x 17041.

Question of the Month

Screen shot of UW Photo Database

Q: I can log on to the new UW photo database, but I’m having trouble finding photos by topic. What’s the best way to search for specific photos?

A: After you log in (directions are posted here), there are three main ways to navigate through the UW photo database on flickr:

  1. Under the uwmarketing's photostream heading, click Collections or Sets to search photos in the database. Collections provide broad groupings of photos while sets are more specific. For example, the Campus Scenes Collection contains two sets of photos: Indoor Scenes and Outdoor Scenes.
  2. Under the uwmarketing's photostream heading, click Tags to search a list of key words associated with photos in the UW database. Just click a tag (like "Athletics") to find photos related to it.
  3. Enter a key word or words in the Search uwmarketing's photostream box in the upper-right corner of the site, and then click Search to display matching photos.

Remember, these photos are free for UW faculty and staff to use for marketing and communications materials, UW Web sites and UW advertising. We upload new photos regularly, so check back often.

Have a photo you’d like to see in the database or questions about images currently in the collection? Contact Alanya Cannon at or x65535.

Got a question for next month? Send it to

Sept.-Oct. 2009

Table of Contents

Pride Points
  • 7,000 current UW students have the full cost of their tuition and standard fees covered under the Husky Promise.
  • 14 UW faculty members have won "genius grants" from the MacArthur Foundation, including, most recently, UW poet Heather McHugh.
  • The UW ranks 2nd nationally in the number of languages it offers (71) and is the only university to teach all of the Baltic languages.
Did You Know?
  • is now up and running! It's easy to remember and shorter than, so it's a great option when space or attention spans are at a premium. And don't worry about updating links all at once. will automatically redirect to for the foreseeable future.
  • recently named the Burke Museum’s blog to its list of the 100 Best Curator and Museum blogs in the History & Culture category.
  • The new interactive campus map is fully up and running! You can now search and browse by category, choose between views and access pop-up descriptions of UW landmarks.
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For a full list of upcoming events, visit the UWAA events page and the UW Events and Calendars page.

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