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Dear Colleague,

Screen shot of new UW home pageBy now I’m sure you’ve all seen the UW's redesigned and reimagined home page. The Web is one of the most important and public communications vehicles the University has, so I'm thrilled that we can now present the UW in such modern and innovative way.

As you know, this redesign also includes the debut of several other pages, most notably portal pages for:

Also, some existing Web pages got a major facelift, including those for President Emmert, Provost Wise and the Visitors Center.

I invite you to explore these pages and experience how beautifully they showcase the many amazing people and discoveries at the UW and around the Pacific Northwest.

Thanks to all of you who helped us achieve this milestone. We couldn't have done it without you!


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Tricia Thompson
Associate Vice President, UW Marketing

Redesign Highlights

Screen shot of UW social network linksThe new design helps takes the guesswork out of the UW experience by giving visitors consistent site navigation and robust portal pages that help guide them to the information they're seeking.

Upgrades include:

  • More on-page content on the home page, including top stories that users can interact with, “sliding” through them and clicking on ones they want to explore in more detail.
  • Audience-based drop-down menus with the most useful and popular links for those audiences.
  • Social networking links on all pages that incorporate the new design.
  • Inside page designs that can be adapted for unit Web sites.

We Listened

Throughout the redesign process, our Web team sought outside input to ensure the end result would be as helpful as possible to the people who rely on the UW Web the most.

  • Many of you provided crucial feedback on everything from the portal themes to link selection and order.
  • Usability testing with faculty, staff, students, alumni and parents revealed that the changes being made were on the right track. As one user commented, “This is a super clean design. There is lots of information, but it does not feel that way.”
  • Advice from campus accessibility experts allowed us to make major strides toward ensuring the site would function well for all visitors. Those same experts will continue to provide guidance on future refinements to the site design and interactive features.

Keep Talking to Us!

Be sure to follow our redesign blog to find new tools available for your own sites and to ask questions and provide feedback via comments. If you have specific questions or suggestions for additional tools or information, please let us know at