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June 21, 2010

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From Eileen Whalen, executive director:

Explore your Harborview stories with writer Wendy Call

I am delighted to announce that Wendy Call will be Harborview's writer-in-residence through July 15. A Seattle-based writer and educator, Wendy has recently worked at the New College of Florida, Richard Hugo House, and Seattle University. Her time at Harborview is funded by 4Culture of King County and the Seattle CityArtist Program.

Wendy is working on a series of essays about grief and loss, inspired by her experiences caring for her mother, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2007. She plans to incorporate stories that Harborview patients, families and staff members share with her in these essays.

Her first Harborview story enters into the world of palliative care with Dr. Margaret Isaac. See Palliative Care: Three Moments at Harborview.

Wendy's experience of her mother's terminal illness is described in Grief's Hidden Gift: What I Learned About Happiness During My Mom's Last Days with Cancer.

As part of the writer-in-residence program, Wendy is available to meet with individuals and groups to discuss creative writing projects or to try out some writing exercises. (No experience necessary.) Wendy will be on campus weekdays, as well as some evenings and weekends.

If you are interested in scheduling a meeting, please contact Wendy at or through Peggy Weiss, art program manager, at

Harborview wins award for environmental stewardship

Harborview has won a Partner for Change award from Practice Greenhealth, a national organization that recognizes environmentally responsible operations within health care. To be considered for this award, health-care facilities must recycle 10 percent of their total waste, establish a mercury elimination program with a plan for total elimination, and implement other successful pollution prevention programs.

The award recognizes Harborview’s many initiatives to achieve environmentally sustainable practices. Progress to date has been made in such areas as increased recycling, mercury reduction, energy-efficient lighting, and greater use of non-disposable surgical items and environmentally-friendly chemicals and paints.

With leadership from the Environmental Sustainability Steering Committee, a new campaign to support best environmental practices throughout the organization will be guided by the following commitment statement:

“We will implement environmentally sustainable practices that draw maximum value from the resources we use, while minimizing waste and negative impacts. These efforts will promote healing and well-being for our patients, our employees, our visitors, our neighborhood and the broader community in which we all live.”

The committee plans to work with individuals and groups across the medical center to develop new ideas and practices that support this commitment. For more information or to share suggestions, contact Barbara Fromm, administrative director for hospitality services, at 744.3131 or

Changes announced to Guaranteed Ride Home Program

The Guaranteed Ride Home Program covers 90 percent of taxi fares (excluding tips) up to 50 miles per quarter for faculty and staff who are U-PASS holders. It is designed to assist employees who must return home to deal with unexpected events when their normal transportation is not available.

Effective July 1, the program will no longer issue vouchers for taxi rides. Instead, employees will need to submit a receipt and request for reimbursement to Parking and Commuter Services. This change is consistent with the UW Emergency Ride Home Program.

For additional details, read Guaranteed Ride Home Program. For more information, call Parking and Commuter Services at 744.3254.

Summer membership special continues at ReFit Komplex

The ReFit Komplex is offering a membership special for Harborview and UW employees in June, July and August. During this time, the initiation fee is waived and monthly dues are $50, including all classes. A three-month agreement is required.

The summer program also brings extended hours and new classes. Visit the website for membership services and class descriptions.

For more information, call 206.402.5040.

Deadline for 2011 parking and U-PASS renewals is June 30

Parking and Commuter Services, 8CT-70, will accept renewal requests for 2011 parking and U-PASS permits through Wednesday, June 30. You can also pick up permits at the office if you ordered them during the online renewal period.

For more information, call 744.3254 or e-mail

Web-based Print-on-Demand Service starts July 1

On July 1, Harborview will switch to a web-based Print-on-Demand Service (PoDS). Departments will be able to order HMC and UH forms through this website instead of using the PMM requisition system. Orders will be delivered the following business day, Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.

The web-based service is expected to lower the cost of forms, provide quicker turn-around-time for revisions and reduce the risk of outdated forms.

For training or more information, contact PMM Help at 744.9174 or

State law requires new tamper-resistant prescription forms

WA State Seal for Tamper Resistant Paper

Under a new Washington state law, effective July 1, prescriptions given directly to a patient or a patient’s representative must be written on tamper-resistant paper or pads that include a state seal in the lower right corner for authorization.

The new forms can ordered from PMM (Item No. HMC001RX for prescription paper; Item No. 1535 for prescription pads). Current stock of these forms will not be compliant under the new law and can be returned to the Pharmacy Storeroom, GCT-27, for disposal.

For more information, contact Charlie Valencia at 744.4146 or

Volunteers needed for cardiovascular research study

A UW research study on carotid plaque composition will test three treatment strategies for correcting high cholesterol. The study is recruiting women, 21 to 70, and men, 21 to 67, who have been told that they have plaque in their neck arteries or are at a high risk of stroke or heart disease. Participation also requires a high level of LDL or "bad cholesterol."

Study volunteers receive the following services at no cost: FDA approved medications to lower cholesterol, a physical examination and laboratory tests, diet and exercise counseling and an annual MRI of the neck arteries.

For more information, call Pey Shadzi, research coordinator, at 616.4907.

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