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Remodel of Hall Health Center


Dear UW Parent or Guardian,

Since last August, we have been undergoing a remodel our of facilities.  Unlike a larger project across the street at the Husky Union Building (HUB), we are staying open for business while the project progresses.  While this does create challenges for our staff, we are very excited about the 'final product.'  There will be increases in the number of exam rooms.  The patient check-in and waiting areas will be centralized, as well as modernization of furniture and equipment in the exam rooms.  All of this will help our facility to be more "student friendly."

Recently, articles have appeared in both UW News & Information publications and the UW Daily (student newspaper); we encourage you to read these to learn more about the remodel. 

By the start of the 2011 Fall quarter, a "newer and improved" Hall Health Center will be ready to serve your student.  For further updates about the remodel, visit our Renovation Blog


Emergency Preparedness for your Student

When your student was in high school, you may have had the 'family talk' about what to do in the case of an emergency, such as an earthquake, flood, or storm.  Things may be quite different now with your student going to UW.  They may live on or near the campus, or commute several miles to attend classes from home.

Here are some useful things to know about to help your student prepare for an emergency, if one happens while they are on campus.

1.  Hall Health Center is considered an 'essential service,' meaning that even if the university closes down (as happened in late November, after the snow/ice storm), we still remain open for patients during our normal hours of business.

2.  If an emergency requiring medical, fire, or police services occurs while on campus involving your student, calling 911 is the best course of action.  Additional Immediate Emergency Assistance is available for police, fire, and medical needs.

3.  There is a department at UW that focuses on Emergency Management.

4.  A special webpage has been created for UW students, staff, and family

5.  The Emergency Management Department recommends several items to collect for a Disaster Supply Kit.

6.  You or your student can sign up for UW Alert, which disseminates official information during emergencies or crisis situations that may disrupt the normal operation of the UW or threaten the health or safety of members of the UW community.

7.  If you have further questions about emergency preparedness for your student, you can contact staff at UW Emergency Management



Flu Update

Now is a great time for your son or daughter to get this year's influenza vaccine.  Hall Health Center has not seen a surge of influenza (yet!), and this is typical for most influenza seasons, so getting a flu shot now will protect your student during the most high risk time of the year.  

This year's vaccine contains both the usual seasonal influenza strains and the H1N1 strain.  Even if your child received the H1N1 vaccine last spring, the CDC is recommending getting this year's vaccine.

Direct your student to the Immunization Clinic (ground floor) at Hall Health Primary Care Center.  The cost is $25, cash or paper check (we're sorry we cannot accept debit or credit for this service.)  Hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday (9-5 on Tuesday).  Encourage your son or daughter to stay healthy this winter by getting an influenza vaccine this January. 

For more information about getting the influenza vaccine at Hall Health Center click here.

y phone at 206.543.6085, or by email at livewell@uw.edu.

Getting Out of the Perfectionism Sand Trap

Of course, UW students want to be successful and produce good work in their everyday lives.  Setting high expectations can be motivating and quite healthy.  However, when taken to the extreme, productivity can actually decrease.  Perfectionists frequently experience the following:

  • fear of failure
  • fear of making mistakes
  • fear of disapproval
  • all-or-nothing thinking
  • overemphasis on "shoulds"
  • believing that others are easily successful

The first step in changing from perfectionistic attitudes to healthy striving is to realize that perfectionism is undesirable.  Perfection is an illusion that is unattainable.  The next step is to challenge the self-defeating thoughts and behaviors that fuel perfectionism.  Tips on how to do this and information about new support group being offered by the Hall Health Mental Health Clinic are available on our website.



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Did You Know?
Many valuable health services are available to currently enrolled UW students at no additional charge.

Get Vaccinated for Meningitis at Hall Health!
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that college freshmen, especially those who live in dormitories or residence halls, in consultation with their parents, seriously consider getting the vaccine that protects against meningococcal meningitis.  Read more...

Insurance & Billing
Hall Health accepts most major health insurance plans, both in and out of state. A short list of some of the major companies that we are contracted with is available on our website. Please be sure to always call your individual plan to verify eligibility in our network, as there are often limitations within each plan.

Hall Health is federally required to protect all students' medical information -- even from their parents.  If you would like to discuss a billing or student health issue with Hall Health, you can gain access to your student’s account by having him or her submit the Authorization form: from UW Medicine, which is available online or at Hall Health.

If you have any questions, please call our Billing Office at (206) 616- 1881.

Consent for Care
If your student is under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian will need to sign a Consent for Care form. This form essentially gives Hall Health permission to treat your student(s). Visit Download Forms to download and print the form.

Urgent After-Hours Care
For urgent medical advice after hours, your student can call the Nurse Consult Service located at Harborview Medical Center at (206) 744-2500

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