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Welcome to the inaugural issue of Marketing Matters. This monthly e-newsletter is for all communications professionals at the UW, including writers, editors, marketers, public/media relations personnel, designers, Web site managers, and anyone else who has a role in communicating about this great University.

Our primary goals for this e-newsletter are to:

  • Share inspiring ideas about how to promote the UW
  • Provide tools to help make your job easier
  • Spotlight best practices from your colleagues that you might find useful

If you have topics you'd like us to cover, news or ideas you want to share, or questions you want to ask, e-mail us at


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Tricia Thompson
Associate Vice President, UW Marketing

P.S. Do you have colleagues you think might be interested in receiving this e-newsletter? If so, please send their names to Elise Daniel at and she'll add them to the list.

Reputation Building Initiative

The UW is in the midst of a comprehensive reputation building initiative (RBI), which began in fall 2007. The goal is to reach our many audiences and enhance their appreciation for the UW's essential value in the state, region, and beyond. Each month in this section, we will provide you updates on the progress of this initiative and ways you can participate.

The following quote aptly sums up why we are undertaking this effort: "The University of Washington is one of the best universities in the world and one of the best kept secrets in higher education. The UW is not nearly as widely known as it should be -- it's time for that to change. We need to build a more clear and effective way of communicating the UW's great strengths and successes."
--UW President Mark Emmert

  • For details on the recently completed strategy phase of this initiative, read the RBI Brand Strategy document (UWNet ID required to view).
  • For details about the creative/implementation phase that's currently under way, contact Cheryl Nations at
  • For all you need to know about the RBI, visit our RBI Web site (UWNet ID required to view).

Best Practices

Featured Unit: Foster School of Business

Foster School logoLast year, when Foster School Dean Jim Jiambalvo stated his goal of making the Foster School the number one public business school in the country, Pam McCoy knew she had a big task ahead of her in her role as executive director of marketing and communications. She determined that Jiambalvo's ambitious plans needed to be backed up by an equally ambitious re-branding effort. A year later, the effort resulted in:

  • Aligning the School's marketing efforts with its goal of being the preeminent educator in strategic thinking and leadership
  • New identity guidelines for the School
  • A reorganization of the marketing and communications team
  • A complete update of its Web site's design and architecture
  • A national advertising campaign

To learn more about Foster School's re-branding effort, download this PowerPoint presentation or contact Pam McCoy at

Question of the Month

Q: I heard that new logo guidelines are in the works for the University. Are those available yet? If so, how do I go about implementing them in my unit?

Image of UW wordmarkA: The University Signature Logo System is available now as a downloadable art pack. Included in the art pack are guidelines for how to use the new system in your unit's printed and electronic materials. Be sure to open the “Read Me” document first to understand how to best use the art pack. If you have questions, please contact Dana Sullivan at x10232 or or Alanya Cannon at x65535 or

Within the University Signature Logo System, you can have art packs created that are specific to your unit. To order a Department Signature art pack, visit the Creative+Communications Web site or contact Heather Prenevost at x31663 or

Comprehensive brand creative style/standards for the University are scheduled to be available in March 2009. The optimal timeframe for units to have fully adopted these new style/standards -- as well as the University Signature Logo System -- is fall 2009. So please use up your existing stationery and other printed items -- think green! If you have questions in the meantime, please contact Cheryl Nations at x17041 or

Got a question for next month? Send it to

Featured Toolkits and Templates

Messaging Toolkit: Past and Future Fundraising

Image of Campaign UW progress chartIn a few short months, representatives of the University will head to Olympia to help secure state funding for the next two years. With a budget shortfall looming in our state and tough economic times all over the world, they, like you, will be probably be faced with answering this question: Why do you need money from us when you just raised $2.68 billion in donations? While it's true that Campaign UW: Creating Futures, the UW's eight-year capital fundraising campaign, was phenomenally successful, those funds can only be used for the purposes specified by the donors. For more details, visit the Campaign Facts and Statistics page.

To help your unit answer questions like this one, UW Marketing has created a messaging toolkit that explains what those donations are being used for, provides facts and statistics about the Campaign, and addresses specific:

If you have questions about this toolkit or need additional information, please contact Laura Biggers at x57951 or

October 2008

Table of Contents

Pride Points
Did You Know?
The term Husky Promise is now a registered trademark. Please be sure to include or (R) after the first mention of the Husky Promise in running text.

New to the U
Being a newcomer to the UW can sometimes be a confusing experience, especially when your role is to communicate about the University. So, each month, in this section, we give a warm welcome to folks who've joined our ranks from outside the University community.
  • Welcome, Candice Douglass!
    Director of Marketing and Communications, College of Arts & Sciences, x63506,
  • Welcome, Sabriena Simon!
    Creative Production Manager, UW Marketing, x50280,
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