Matching Conversations on Defining Diversity

Conversations on Defining Diversity: Recruitment and Retention in the Graduate Community
A Public Forum in the College of the Environment

Tuesday, February 7, 2012
5:00-6:00 p.m.
Fishery Sciences Building, Room 203

Please RSVP by Thursday, February 2.  Coffee and sweets will be served.

What makes a graduate school program attractive, and what doesn't?
Can the College harness "environment" to recruit students of diverse backgrounds?
Are the challenges and opportunities new students face unit, or student population, specific?
What systems are needed to support and retain diverse students - and are they different from what majority students require?

Join our conversation with:

Charles Plummer, Graduate Student, Earth and Space Scienes. Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) President.

Daniel Hernandez, Graduate Student, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences.

Diana Pietri, Graduate Student, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences.


About CoDD: Diversity, equality, engagement, opportunity - these are words laden with value and individual meaning.  The College of the Environment is committed to creating and supporting a diverse academic community representing a full range of cultural, ethnic and disciplinary sectors. 

One way to achieve that goal is by talking.

Conversations on Defining Diversity is a public forum within the College where we - all of us - can explore the issues, roadblocks, challenges, and opportunities our College faces, as the first step towards brainstorming solutions.

Each conversation will focus on a particular aspect of diversity, and will feature our own faculty, staff, and students speaking about their experiences, often from very different points of view.  Come listen, share, and learn.