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Your Ideas Help Shape Our Future

Over the last three years, we asked you for advice. Over 4,000 of you participated in 2y2d focus groups, committees, and working groups. You examined near-term, practical actions to get us through the current financial crisis, and a long-term sense of our goals for the next two decades.

Here are highlights of our progress based on your thoughtful input:

  • Clear principles & vision of our shared future—for a UW of the 21st Century that is more competitive, collaborative, technology-reliant, nimble, and supported by a more diversified funding base. 
  • A Sustainable Academic Business Plan for near-term action—with immediate goals of increasing revenue, decreasing costs, and investing strategically in people and infrastructure. 
  • Five key initiatives for high impact—reimagining teaching and learning in the digital age, enhancing student services, coordinating campus planning and operations, facilitating collaborative research and teaching, and improving organizational effectiveness.
  • Sharing best practices to connect people with ideas—by developing a database-driven website for searching and posting UW activities and improvements, some of which have been shared with the Washington State Legislature; and creating video spotlights on teams who found efficiencies that allowed them to invest in high-impact, future-focused projects.

Teams in Action: Video Spotlights

  • UW Provost Ana Mari Cauce.jpgUW Libraries: transforming spaces, processes, and services in creative ways to better serve students and faculty. 
  • Psychology Department: streamlining curricula and sharing resources to increase collaborations and reduce costs.
  • Graduate School: reducing workloads and improving service campus-wide.

Videos are directed, filmed, and edited by current students and recent graduates of the UW Masters of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM) program.

Visualizing UW Collaborations

The Fostering Collaboration InitiativeCollaboration map from 2y2d site created collaboration maps of UW joint appointments, courses, and majors (as of Spring 2011). The maps reveal the number and diversity of collaborative activities already occurring on campus.

Maps are available for all UW schools and colleges.

Website for Sharing Best Practices

The 2y2d Initiative is collecting examples of best practices across campus to share in a database-driven website UW Activities & Improvements: Sharing Ideas for Teaching, Learning, Research, and Administration Across the UW.

Find Ideas, Connect with Peers, Share Your Success

The website provides a location where you can:

  • Find creative and practical ways that your colleagues are maintaining and improving quality in academic and administrative units.
  • Share your activities with the UW community.
  • Connect with colleagues who have already tried something your team is considering.

To share an idea, log in, and select “Add an Activity”. 

How It Works

  • The site is restricted to those with a UWNetID.
  • Activities are searchable by tab, outcome, or keyword.
  • There is a short review process for legal issues, spelling, and legitimacy.
  • Unit administrators are notified of new postings from within their unit.

Key Initiatives Deliver

To meet the goals of the Sustainable Academic Business Plan, the provost launched five initiatives in September 2011.

Transforming Education for the Modern Age
The Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Initiative prioritizes rich interaction among faculty and students while embracing emerging technologies and cutting-edge pedagogy. Leaders and faculty from across campus are working with UW Information Technology (UW-IT) and the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) to develop pedagogical resources and oversee adoption of innovative learning technologies. They are participating in UW-IT–led pilots of an eLearning system and a cloud-based lecture capture tool, and CTL-led faculty learning communities on topics including Engaging Students in Larger Classes and Social Media for Learning.

Creating Seamless Student Services
The Enhance Student Services Initiative identifies innovative ways to better serve students by sharing services and filling gaps in services provided by the Graduate School, University Libraries, the Office of Student Life, the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity, and the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs.

Principled Planning of Campus Spaces
The Campus of the 21st Century Initiative coordinates campus planning to ensure the best use of available resources for improving physical and virtual campus environments. The initiative developed high-level principles to guide campus planning/development and uses these principles to inform work on campus infrastructure, including tri-campus efforts involving UW Tacoma and UW Bothell.

Fostering Collaborative Research & Teaching
The Fostering Collaboration Initiative facilitates UW collaborative research, teaching, and learning by providing guidelines and removing barriers to collaboration. The initiative gathered information about current collaborations, creating a Research Centers web site and mapping collaborative activity by school, college, and department. To support collaborative research, the team published Guidelines for Establishing an Organized Research Unit and the Office of Research established a Complex Proposals Management Group. A working group on collaborative teaching is under way.

Increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness
The Organizational Effectiveness Initiative (OEI) has provided free services to more than 30 UW teams to date, including consulting, facilitating, and training in the areas of organizational needs assessment, strategic planning, process improvement, change management, and metrics development. The OEI staff also offer campus-wide and unit-specific workshops and assistance with employee and customer surveys. They report progress on their website and the UW Activities & Improvements web site.

Contact OEI at (206) 221–2018,, or visit their website.

March 2012

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Your Ideas Help Shape Our Future

Teams in Action:
Video Spotlights

Visualizing UW Collaborations

Website for Sharing Best Practices

Key Initiatives Deliver

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"Society's most pressing issues" the UW can address, as determined by 2y2d focus groups.


UW Provost Ana Mari Cauce UW Provost Ana Mari Cauce discusses innovations at UW Libraries in a new 2y2d Spotlight video.

Other UW Libraries highlights:

Group working in UW Libraries Research Commons The UW Libraries Research Commons provides technology and flexibility for group work.

Lizabeth (Betsy) A. Wilson, Dean of University Libraries new Dean Wilson describes how UW Libraries respond to trends in scholarship and technology.

Emily Keller, UW Political Science and Public Affairs Libra Librarian Emily Keller describes 24/7 online chat with reference librarians.

Students using whiteboard desks in UW Libraries Research Com Students use whiteboard desks in the UW Libraries Research Commons.

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