Matching Conversations on Defining Diversity

Conversations on Defining Diversity: Accommodation is More Than Just a Word
A Public Forum in the College of the Environment

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
4:00-5:00 p.m.
Fishery Sciences Building, Room 203.

Please RSVP by Wednesday May 23.  Coffee and sweets will be served.

A learning disability can keep you from reading.  A physical disability can keep you from fieldwork.

Truth, or historical baggage?

Students with disabilities are underrepresented in STEM.  Does environmental science select against them?

What if a disability resulted in unique insights, extending our perceptions of what is environment and how to study it?

Get some answers.  Join us for a dialog between students and instructors on how the College of the Environment can go beyond accommodation to make classrooms, field trips, labs, and learning more accessible.

Join our conversation with:

Darrel S. Cowan, Professor, Earth & Space Sciences.

Kelsey Byers, Graduate Student, Biology.

Lisa Hannon, Graduate Student, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences.

Francoise Papillon, Fifth Year, Oceanography.


About CoDD: Diversity, equality, engagement, opportunity - these are words laden with value and individual meaning.  The College of the Environment is committed to creating and supporting a diverse academic community representing a full range of cultural, ethnic and disciplinary sectors. 

One way to achieve that goal is by talking.

Conversations on Defining Diversity is a public forum within the College where we - all of us - can explore the issues, roadblocks, challenges, and opportunities our College faces, as the first step towards brainstorming solutions.

Each conversation will focus on a particular aspect of diversity, and will feature our own faculty, staff, and students speaking about their experiences, often from very different points of view.  Come listen, share, and learn.