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Dear Colleagues:

CASE District 8 logoPlease join me in extending congratulations to our colleagues across campus who contributed to projects that received CASE District VIII 2013 awards. Of 550 entries from higher education institutions across the region, CASE bestowed 138 total awards, and the UW claimed nine of them. Cheers to the following units, each of which contributed to one or more of the winning projects/campaigns:

  • Admissions (photo by Katherine B. Turner)
  • Advancement Communications
  • Annual Giving
  • Arts & Sciences
  • Strategic Technology Initiatives
  • University Advancement
  • University Marketing
  • UW Medicine Advancement
  • UWAA/Alumni & Constituent Relations

Also, I encourage you to take the External Affairs Customer Satisfaction Survey, which was sent by Vice President of External Affairs Randy Hodgins a few weeks ago. Any feedback you have regarding your experience working with the University Marketing team will help us ensure we are meeting your needs. If you haven’t done so already, please take the survey by Friday, February 15.


Key Nuttall
AVP, University Marketing

Best Practices

Featured Unit: iSchool

iSchool Web logosThe challenge: The iSchool’s mission is to design solutions to information challenges and prepare information leaders, but their website wasn’t helping them put their best foot forward. The site’s dense copy and dark, heavy design elements didn’t generate the engagement iSchool hoped for. The site was also complex to navigate, lacked social media integration and mobile strategy, and didn’t clearly differentiate content for various target audiences.

To better reflect the iSchool’s culture, the iSchool communications team decided to refresh the website so it would:

  • Be more modern and forward thinking in its approach and design.
  • Convey a sense of openness and transparency.
  • Incorporate fresh content on a regular basis.
  • Feature consistent design elements.
  • Convey academic prowess without being overtly traditional.

Screen shot of People Mover webpageThe approach: After plenty of white-boarding and wire-framing (these are information experts, after all), the iSchool communications team came up with a site redesign that featured:

  • A lighter look and feel with a more open and modern design (while also incorporating the UW patch/band branding and color palette).
  • New information architecture with specific content for target audiences.
  • Easy-to-use navigation and page content to support better readability.
  • A fluidly responsive design to deliver a better user experience across all devices, including mobile.
  • A fun, interactive feature called the People Mover, which highlights various iSchool personalities.
  • More social media tools and integration.
  • A more robust and functional news and events section.

Results and next steps: Prior to the refresh, a third-party assessment gave the iSchool’s website an overall score of 37% based on areas such as navigation, content, page layout and visual design. After rolling out the new site, the same assessment yielded a score of 74%. The iSchool team has also received positive and appreciate reviews from students, faculty and staff alike. Check out the new and improved iSchool website for yourself.

Questions about this project? Contact Lori Dugdale, director of communications at the Information School, at or 221-6182.

Now Available

Paws-on Science

Our fourth annual Paws-on Science event at the Pacific Science Center will be held April 5–7. A toolkit with graphics will be available soon. Meanwhile, here is a promotional blurb you can use:

Paws-on Science promotional graphicHuskies of all ages are invited to Paws-on Science: Husky Weekend at Pacific Science Center, April 57. From building a racecar to creating and measuring a mini-earthquake, the whole family can interact with exhibits and hands-on activities from UW scientists and research programs. The Husky Marching Band and other special guests will make appearances. All UW alumni, donors, students and staff receive discounted admission with UW or Alumni ID. For more, visit the Pacific Science Center website.


HuskyFest will take place on Friday, April 19. Last year’s debut event—which was part of our 150th anniversary celebration—involved three days of festivities. For 2013, we’re packing it all into a one-day, block party–style event. There will be live music in Red Square throughout the day as KEXP hosts its “Hood-to-Hood” concert. The event will also include exciting giveaways, showcases and more.

If your unit would like to get involved, contact Laura Canate, event manager, at

UW-Branded WordPress Theme

During the past several months, the University Marketing Web team has worked hard at improving the UW WordPress theme, so that it now taps the full power of WordPress as an easy-to-use content management system. Features include:

  • A clean, modern and on-brand design.
  • A responsive layout that allows easy reading and navigation across a wide range of devices (from desktop computers to mobile phones).
  • Custom plugins and features created to meet common UW needs.
  • Regular updates and support, including tutorials on custom features

Interested? Download the latest theme release if you would like to manage WordPress on your own, or request hosting from the Marketing Web team to have maintenance and updates managed for you.

Questions? Contact the Web team at

New “UW|360” Episodes

UW 360 logoThe January 2013 edition of UWTV’s “UW|360” is now available, as are these individual segments:

“UW|360” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on UWTV, channel 27.

Questions? Contact Tory Hernandez at

Question of the Month

Q: Where can I find the UW’s editorial guidelines?

A: Editorial style and standards are available on the University Marketing website; these guidelines are intended to guide word choice and usage to ensure consistency and support our collective effort to express the UW brand. Bookmark this page for when you need a quick refresher on University-related terminology, titles and suggested style.

Social Media Tips and Trends

Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

How many times have you had to go hunting for dimensions so you could create a new Facebook cover photo, shared image on Twitter or profile picture on Pinterest? Well, search no more. Bookmark this cheat sheet from trackur, which provides a list of image dimensions for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Of course we assume trackur is being just a touch cheeky when they call this list “the ultimate complete final social media sizing cheat sheet.” We all know how quickly things can (and will!) change in this realm, but at least for now, this is a pretty darn comprehensive reference to have on hand.

Screen shot of social media sizing chart

Make Your Pinterest Board Descriptions SEO-Friendly

If you’ve taken the leap into pinning, make sure you’re fully capitalizing on the opportunity to leverage Pinterest as a powerful referral source to your website. One of the ways to do this is to make your board descriptions—which can be up to 500 characters—SEO-friendly. How? Be descriptive and incorporate relevant keywords. For more Pinterest best practices, check out these ten tips from Nonprofit Tech 2.0.

Tips for Live Tweeting

Tweeting during in-person events is a great way to engage a broader audience, plus it’s an opportunity to be authentic and show your true voice and personality. Whether you’ve already tried live tweeting or you’re just starting to consider it for your next event, this blog post on 5 Tips for Live Tweeting Conferences and Events offers some great pearls of wisdom, from how to prepare to tips on using hashtags.

Peer Review

The College of William & Mary

"We wanted people to open the mailbox and say, 'Viewbook… viewbook… viewbook... spaceship!'" said Henry R. Broaddus, Dean of Admission at the College of William & Mary in an article from the Washington Post. And that’s the experience prospective students got when they received William & Mary’s Ampersandbox in the mail—something completely out of the ordinary.

William & Mary wanted to engage with college-bound teens in an authentic voice and spark a discussion that could continue online. The result was the Ampersandbox, a cardboard box filled with cards that played off of William & Mary’s ubiquitous ampersand. The cards contained two-word statements that ranged from sentimental to edgy, like “Home & Away,” “Down & Dirty” and “Naked & Friendly.” On the back, the cards included information about what life is like for students there. In addition to the direct-mail piece, the campaign included an online Ampersandbox where users could flip through the cards digitally or even create their own.

This campaign stands out as an example of how important it is to consider the audience you’re speaking with (not to) and to use a voice that will resonate with them. And it shows that thinking outside the box (pun intended) from time to time can be worthwhile, too.

Screen shot of Ampersandbox site

Did You Know?

  • Hundreds of health experts from around the world collaborated on the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 (GBD 2010), which was led by the Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation (IHME) at the UW. The findings of this comprehensive, multi-year study were announced at the Royal Society in London in December 2012 and published in The Lancet. IHME will be hosting several events at the UW to discuss the results and encourage global conversation around next steps. These will include a press event on Tuesday, March 5, and a symposium on Monday, March 11. The IHME News & Events page will provide more details closer to the event dates.

Job Opportunities

  • College of Arts & Sciences: Assistant Director of Marketing Communications, Req. #92338 (Open until filled)
  • Educational Outreach: Marketing Communication Specialist, Req. #92345 (Open until filled)
  • External Affairs News & Information: Public Information Officer, Req. #91124 (Open until filled)
  • Jackson School of International Studies: Communications Coordinator, Req. #91972 (Apply by 2/5 to ensure consideration)
  • University Marketing: Designer, Req. #92234 (Open until filled)
  • UW Medicine Marketing and Communications: Online Strategy Director, Req. #76632 (Open until filled)

Search the UW staff jobs database.

February 2013

Table of Contents

Best Practices
Now Available
Question of the Month
Social Media Tips
Peer Review
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Pride Points

26 UW scientists and engineers were selected as new members by the Washington State Academy of Sciences.

The UW was one of 21 schools that received a green rating in the 2013 Green College Honor Roll from The Princeton Review.

Statistician Daniela Witten made Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list for 2012, her second time on the list.

Events to Promote

February 20
Ecopsychology: Reinventing the Human-Nature Relationship in the Digital Age, Allen L. Edwards Psychology Lecture by Peter Kahn and Scott Sampson. Kane Hall, Room 130, 7 p.m.

February 28
University Symphony with Ludovic Morlot, Meany Theater, 7:30 p.m.

April 5–7
Paws-on Science, Pacific Science Center

April 19
HuskyFest, UW Seattle campus

For a full list of upcoming events, visit the UWAA events page and the UW Events and Calendars page.

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